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Are you Still Grouching over your tough Mixed Use Loan Process?

If You are tired of these predatory high rate adjustable mixed use loans...Then complete the information below to get help right at your fingertips...

Read what they say about the process:

Jack Lefkowitz Got it all done in two weeks...We got a great deal on 30 years fixed...No hassle, Low Interest Rate...We didn't show income, or assets and the process went so smooth, that We felt that we got a residential primary residence mortgage.  Jack really knows what he's doing and its amazing how he got us a mixed use done faster than a standard residential.

Thank you SO MUCH!!!

J. Michalowski

JM Furniture Wholesalers, Inc.

Clifton NJ


We came to Jack, after paying over 12% in interest for our private lender with an interest only.  To add to my history, because of my business being a funeral business and I deal with people's emotions and depressions, I many times got paid late, thus making my credit bad..(in fact I'm ebarrased to say but it was about 500..)

Jack Got my credit fixed, he got me out of my high predatory private loan giving me a 30 year fixed loan, and the Best of all was still that I got it all done in 10 days!!!!

Jack, I got one word for you:


Daniels Wilhelmina Funeral Home Inc

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