Circle of Success™ Program
Frequently Asked Questions


Jack, You are in the Mortgage Industry since 1995, Also together with Your wife Shifra you created a Network Marketing business in the field of Health & Wellness Plus Beauty since 1992, and you expanded you expertise  in the Coaching Business & Personal Income Consulting since 2007 – How can you help everyone no matter Type of Industry, Workers, Managers, Owners - Products, Service, B2B, Wholesale, Retail, On-Line marketing & Selling, Manufacturing, Distribution, Import, Export….?


This question was asked many times at my live seminars and teleseminars – the Ground of every person’s income has either 1 or 2 of the two categories which every field- industry- business-trade has that is Product or Service; you can give 1 of them either Product or Service or both Product and Service it doesn’t matter if you’re an owner, manager, worker or call yourself with your name of profession ie physician, broker of your field, designer, I can write every industry…. This will help you earn the income you wish to earn…. In the corporate world these are the 2 Grounds and your customers, clientele, patients will pay you only if they get either one from you Product or Service.

Therefore I believe being in both fields Servicing the People helping them to get Financing to Purchase their Property or refinance their home by either getting them an affordable payment or some cash to build additional wealth – In addition Working and Helping my Wife Shifra in the Product Selling of Health & Wellness Plus Beauty for 20+ years in both grounds of Income gave me the opportunity to Coach People like you in every business no matter what type. I share every detail in my Success Income Guidance System (SIGS) the Circle of Success (COS) get some details here.

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