Jack Lefkowitz is the CEO of The Funding Depot Inc. located in Brooklyn NY. He is NY’s First Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist and a recognized leader in the Real Estate Community. With over a decade of mortgage experience, more than 5000 loans processed, and over $750 million in career closings, Jack has created a niche in the mortgage community by helping people create the un-noticed wealth that is hidden within their home.

A National Influence

Jack’s reputation as a Certified Mortgage Planner and Liability Management Expert with integrity, patience and compassion reaches well beyond Brooklyn NY- as do his expertise. With his unique gift for creating Wealth for his clients, he currently manages 1 Billion Dollars of liabilities for them. Jack has personally presented speeches and conducted Mortgage Planning Workshops throughout the county to share his expertise for hundreds of people. He is considered the foremost Mortgage Expert in finding ways for his clients how their mortgage actually produces money for them, and turn their mortgage into an asset instead of liability.

In addition to being a Certified Mortgage Planner and Liability Management Expert, CEO, he’s been the founder and board member of NARLO, an organization designated for loan officers around the country based on the needs of them. In addition, Jack has been considered a journalist and National Mortgage Planning Celebrity. He was the Publisher of the “Financial Coaching Magazine” specially designed to teach people the secrets of how to stop paying for their mortgage and how their mortgage can actually pay them. He has been featured on Zev Brenner’s Brooklyn Radio show, who has found Jack’s work newsworthy as well.

Currently Jack is conducting monthly Tele-calls as a certified mortgage planning expert, answering questions and sharing his expertise.

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The Funding Depot Inc.

Formerly a Registered Mortgage Broker NYS banking Dept. Licensed Mortgage Banker NJ, FL Banking Dept. Loans arranged via third party providers

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Jack Lefkowitz,
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