Does your checkbook scream "OUCH" every month as you write out your payment to your private money lender or your high cost adjustable Commercial lender?


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Not reading this letter will cost you at least $324.82 or more each month in payments you don’t have to make.

Dear Neighbor: If you have been misdirected into a high rate commercial fixed or adjustable rate mortgage, otherwise known as "loan Shark" loan, the next few paragraphs could literally save you tens of thousands of dollars! Let me explain how.

Back when you applied for this "wonderful" loan, you probably had low credit scores, you had a dream to have your home upstairs and your business on the parlor floor. That’s why your unscrupulous loan officer misdirected you into this high rate commercial adjustable rate mortgage, probably with a prepayment penalty…and definitely with borderline criminally high commercial closing costs!



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